RECLAMATION - The story behind the game  


It did not seem so long ago that mankind's deadliest and most powerful enemy was man himself. For centuries, man fought against man in countless wars to prove superiority. World domination was every leader's dream, and one that could only be accomplished by causing pain, death, and suffering. It seemed as if the entire human race was turning on itself, fueled by greed, and the ever-growing need for power.

In the military, it was an accepted principle that the experience of battle opened the minds of the soldiers, developing their attitude towards war, increasing their combat skills many fold, and preparing them for the time when their newly acquired skills would be needed again. This time, however, it was different. No amount of training, and no amount of expertise, could ever have prepared them for the onslaught that Earth's populace was about to suffer.



They came swooping from the skies by the millions. They dropped like stones from the swarm of extra-terrestrial life forms that cast deep shadows on the towns and cities beneath. As if executing a military exercise, the large swarm split into smaller groups and began to descend on the doomed world beneath. Once on the ground the smaller groups moved through the cities, destroying everything in their path. Soldiers sent to counteract the attack were crushed by the swarm, or killed with weapons that had never been imagined by mankind. It seemed that no military intervention could stop this technologically advanced race.

Similar swarms of aliens arrived all across the globe. They attacked in exactly the same way, slaughtering every human life form that they found. Within weeks, Earth’s population was at a bare minimum. All military resistance had been destroyed; the remnants of the human race were left without any protection from the evil forces that surrounded them. The onslaught continued for untold months and only ceased when the entire population of Earth had been destroyed. Or so it was thought...

The alien race began to colonise Earth, building new structures, even living in and modifying buildings that were once inhabited by the race that they had destroyed. The alien inhabitants made good use of Earth’s resources; using them carefully but with maximum efficiency. It was clear that they were planning to stay.


But one day, something happened. Something changed. The remaining survivors who, until then, had retreated into underground hideouts, awoke to silence. There was no sound of machinery, no sound of movement. All there was, was that unnerving silence. Curious and confused, survivors ventured out from the security of their hideouts, something that once would have lead to a certain and rapid death.

The scene that faced them was one of desertion. The new alien inhabited areas were abandoned. There was not a single alien life form in sight. As many of the survivors wandered around the newly built areas, they noticed pools of viscous orange liquid. It was even splattered on the walls. One survivor noticed that in one of the pools was a single metal badge, the badge that had been seen during the attacks as the aliens’ form of identification. Even to this day, it is not known what happened to the alien race. Was their death a result of a deadly disease or virus? Or did they finally have some kind of cumulative reaction to the Earth’s atmosphere? All the survivors knew was that they were gone, and that it was finally time to reclaim Earth for themselves.

A new

As the months passed, more and more survivors began to appear. Many grouped together to form clans, while others decided to remain on their own, now used to the solitary lifestyle that they had been forced to lead. The question then became where they were going to live. The aliens had destroyed or changed all of the original cities and towns. The only option left was to live in the new urban areas that the aliens had created for themselves.

This situation would soon cause problems. Many of the newly formed clans had very large numbers, and had become very territorial. They wanted an entire area for themselves, and had no desire to share with another clan. So a new question emerged. How would the decision be made of who can take claim over an area? An agreement had to be reached. Finally, it was decided that the fighting clans would take part in a contest.

The rules of the contest (commonly known as The Reclamation) were decided. Each of the clans would submit their best warrior for battle. The chosen warriors would then fight in an arena situated somewhere within the land in question. The winning clan would then take claim over the land. The losers would leave with a dent in their pride and a search for a new place to call home.

  The lines have been drawn for today’s contest.  It's your turn.