Bugs and Fixes

We never make mistakes, but if we did, this is the page where you'd see us admit it.

Problems are listed below, with a fix or workaround if it's available. 

Final DOOM if played with Boom

This really applies to various wads that required bugs in DOOM to work right, but applies especially obviously to TNT MAP30.  Stairs on that leve that surround the red key post and that go up in the final area of the map won't work right because Boom fixed a bug in the way DOOM built the stairs.  Just use the TNTCOMP cheat as you get to the level before it has a chance to build any stairs, and Boom will act as broken as DOOM did (but your stairs will get built as designed).   You can toggle compatibility on and off any time with TNTCOMP.


Well, we know of one bug on MAP31 of the Evilution levels (TNT.WAD). If you are playing solo, you won't be able to get the yellow key. Id Software has had the fix since July 1996, but we don't know when a patch will be released.

So, we created our own. Here's TNT MAP31 with the yellow key fixed and a node rebuild. These fixes were kindly provided by Thomas Zajic. Thanks, Thomas! View the text file first if you like.

Final DOOM
(All Levels)

The only things we're aware of have to do with running the DOOM2.EXE that comes with the individual WADs, like when you install them in DOS. If you let the demos run, it crashes looking for a 4th demo, and we have some reports of teleport exits making you appear up in mid-air and dropping you. Cool effect, but it's a bug... No fix from us--maybe one day the update from id Software will show up.

The Plutonia Experiment

There are some Plutonia levels without DM starts, too, and those will also be fixed in the eventual update from id.

Alien Vanguard

In multiplayer mode only, it's possible to get trapped in MAP28 outside the yellow key room if you die in there. You can pick up the Icarus MAP28 fix here with that and a miscoded wall fixed (it would try to open like a door if you pushed it--unlikely unless you were pretending this was Wolfenstein). View the MAP28 Fix text file first if you like.

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