Horace Q. Pennyfeather? 

The third?

We held a contest for a new name for our hero. 

The original name was Horace Q. Pennyfeather III, and some folks thought they could guess better.  Well, the contest is now over and the winner has been selected. 

Here's the information we posted on our main web page:

Dave Razor is the new name of our hero in Doom2000, suggested by "Nechuta".  We're getting in contact with the winner now to be sure we got a valid email address on the submission.

The prize, you ask?  Well, we're going to be making some cool TeamTNT/Doom2000 T-shirts for our project members, and one of those will go out as a special prize for this contest.  Of course we won't be having those shirts made quite yet, so it's kind of a future promise.  Gonna have to trust us...   At least one person's going to be eager for us to get Doom2000 done... :-)  We were considering a trip for 4 on the QE2's Millennium cruise, but that's about $43,000 per person so we chose the T-shirt instead.

We whittled the whole list of 75 or so submissions down to the top eight and then the Doom2000 project team voted on them.  Dave Razor came out on top at 59 points, followed by Dixon Blake at 53 (close second), then Kan Drykis, Nick Freeman, Kerry "Deathstorm" Sundstrom, Picfar Rudgard, Dhaisan Dreigan and Tor bringing up the rear.  Thanks to all who participated, even the ones who didn't read the rules.

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