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as of 17 January 1999

We'll show you a few every couple of weeks.  Stay tuned.

990117a.jpg (30419 bytes)

Heavy metal

Mostly, you should worry about that rocket though.

Death awaits

Just around that next
corner, most likely.

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990117c.jpg (22339 bytes)


Don't stop to admire the lasers.

Reload faster!

Nothing much to say here.
Just ... re... load... that... shot...gun...

990117d.jpg (28385 bytes)
990117e.jpg (26461 bytes)

Anyone remember automats?

There's a rocket launcher dispenser over
by the guy who's about to eat it.


Peaceful vista

Actually you can't get here without
clipping, but it's a cool view.

990117f.jpg (19249 bytes)
990117g.jpg (21981 bytes)

Look both ways!

Gives new meaning to the need to cross at the
crosswalks.  Jaywalking is dealt with severely.


Sniper tower?

Need to get up those stairs before
he sees you.

990117h.jpg (24739 bytes)
990117i.jpg (29583 bytes)


A bit hard to see, but that guy in the upper right
corner is being tortured with a laser.  Cool.


Lotsa stuff

Pick your poison and warp
into the middle of the fray.

990117j.jpg (29966 bytes)