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These levels have been submitted to TeamTNT by members of the DOOM community.  They either include Return resources, or  require use of the resources in RETRES.WAD.  See the list below--if they do require RETRES.WAD, download that first if you don't already have it.

Each level or set of levels have been built independently of TeamTNT, so if you have questions about the levels, you should contact the author directly. The authors' names below are linked to their email accounts--just click to email them. 

Enough... On to the levels list:

Download Title Author # of levels Solo/DM/
posted RETRES
Required ?
Engine Bytes
Zip Txt Mars Base 1 Rick Clark Hub based Solo 11 Sep 2000 Yes ZDoom 375,440
Zip Txt Phouse Wim Vanrie 9 Solo 5 Sep 2000 No ZDoom 1,394,512
Zip Txt Blackness Samuel A. Villarreal 5 Solo 5 Sep 2000 No ZDoom 2,776,928
Zip Txt DSV Samuel A. Villarreal 32 Solo 24 Jul 2000 Yes ZDoom 5,099,422
Zip Txt Bloody Base Matt Tropiano 1 Solo 1 Apr 2000 Yes ZDoom 96,022
Zip Txt For Dear Life Matt Tropiano 1 Solo 26 Mar 2000 Yes ZDoom 54,369
Zip Txt BahDM zsignal 5 DM 25 Dec1999 Yes ZDoom 172,626
Zip Txt Induction Ty Halderman 1 Solo 10 Oct 1999 Yes Boom 207,589
Zip Txt Ambush Paul Schmitz 1 Solo 10 Oct 1999 Yes Boom 615,601
Zip Txt River Dead Paul Schmitz 1 Solo 10 Oct 1999 Yes Boom 655,507
Zip Txt The Artifact Paul Schmitz 1 Solo 10 Oct 1999 Yes Boom 740,057
Zip Txt RETRES TeamTNT 0 The
10 Oct 1999 This is it n/a 3,816,014

You may also go directly to the directory where these are kept, at  

Of course, these will also be reflected at mirror sites within a day or so of upload.

Want to add your own levels to this list?  See the Return Resources page for details.

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