Name: Dietmar (DIA) Westerteicher
Age: 34
Family: A wife, three childs , a cat

More Infos: Living in germany (Duesseldorf for being specific; search it on your maps:), DOOM-addict, organizer of Team Eternal II, Duke-Hater (I hate beeing bored by a game:) I work at a church (Not what you think, I'm the computer technician there:)

Knock, knock!
Dia returns  from the dead! What I like: Books (Horror/SF), Movies (Horror/SF), My wife and Childs(No Horror,but sometimes SF:), Babylon V (need Tapes of Season IV), The Simpsons (Need Tapes of season 8), Music (Soundtracks and 70s Rock), Games (DOOM, Destruction Derby), Sports (Hockey, American Football, just watching :).

Contributions to Eternal DOOM:

Maps 03 (Inter-Base), 08 (Woodhead), 13 (Drop 'Em), 14 (Pistol Only), 17 (The Crypt), 23 (Time Gate II) & 27 (Credits)
Play tester & Bug Killer
Production Manager (Eternal II)

(here's a little extra bit - Ed;) - Dia's nickname stands for 'Dianoga', the garbage suid from the Star Wars movie\books\games. He's a big Star Wars fan! The Dianoga is the creature that grabs Luke's leg in the garbage compactor when they escape from the detention level on the Death Star.. Thanks to Stan Gula for this info!