Name: Paul Schmitz
Age: None of your damn business <g>. Ok, over 30, under 40. ;)

Home: Displaced Chicagoan who is now living in the Northern Virginia

Married for six wonderful years to Lynn. Two sons, Jonathan (4) and Matthew (2).


Occupation: Network Engineer at WorldBank, but wants to be a level designer.
Hobbies: raising kids, loving my wife, and when time permits, building DOOM levels (what else? <g>).
Favorite Computer Games: DOOM (duh!) and it's variants, MechWarrior I and II, Mechwarrior: Mecenaries, EarthSeige I and II, and both NETDOOM and NETMECH. :)

DOOM Contributions: "The Artifact": CIS ACTION Forum: DOOM2 levels, ARTIFACT.ZIP -, idgames, doom2 levels, ARTIFACT.ZIP
"Welcome to Hell": CIS ACTION Forum: DOOM2 levels, WELCOME.ZIP -, idgames, doom2 levels, WELHELL.ZIP

Contributions to Eternal DOOM:

Map 07 (The Abbey)
Project Manager/Producer
Play tester & Bug Killer