Name: Scott Michael Langstaff
Age: 15
Family: Mum, Dad, bro Kevin (21) and 4 ferrets - Sam, Max, Sweep & Snowy.

Stuff: I love DOOM and Command & Conquer and enjoy working with computers. I listen mainly to black and doom metal - my favourite bands include Cradle Of Filth, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Marduk, Emperor, Therapy?, Dissection and Katatonia. I also enjoy some classical (Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart) and particularly love some of Mike Oldfield's music - Tubular Bells, Ommadawn and Amarok. Furthermore, I'm a proud member of the Crusade Against Shiny Happy People (CASHP #18-96-I) and FOA (Friends Of ALS) - ALS being the brilliant newsgroup.

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