Name: Sverre Andre Kvernmo
(Sverre is pronounced with rolling Rs, the first e is like the "a" in "gas" the last one like the "e" in "get")
Age: 24
Status: Single

Stuff: Grew up in Tromso, northern Norway, got an art education in Bristol, England (sort of) and currently living in LA, working as a level-designer for Xatrix entertainment.
Likes: Books (Fantasy, Sc-fi, architecture, mytholgy, ancient history), Films (Sci-fi, horror), Games (Doom and its children, C&C, Tekken2, RPG, Deathmatch!), Music (wiiide spectrum). Enjoy travelling & treks when I can shake the level-design bug. Carlsberg beer (probably the best beer in the world).
Dislikes: "100 000 LEVELS!!!!" CDs, cheaters, people who discharge in water.
Resume: "Cabal". Seven level episode for Doom2 "Deadlock". Hexen level. "Doom2, the Master Levels". Made four out of the 20 levels featured. "Eternal Doom". Three levels and most of the graphics. Lent a helping hand with concepts for the DETH editor. UK deathmatch champion 1995, and top 10 contender in the Deathmatch 95' world championships. Currently working on a game that is guaranteed to make you go "Yiiee-ha!".

Sverre Going to work for Ion Storm in the near future

Contributions to Eternal DOOM:

Maps 04 (Nucleus), 05 (Time Gate) & 12 (Darkdome)
Main Graphic Artist
Play Tester
Demo#2 + Demo#3 (original)