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Final Maintenance Version 2.02 now available

November 15 1998: PRBoom version 2.02 now available for Win95/98/NT

October 11, 1999: GPL relicensed version available.  License changes only, NO feature changes.


The files have all been uploaded to
and are also available at its mirrors


22 October 98: See also the Source and Stuff page details of the changes in the 2.02 maintenance release.


BOOM executable archive BOOM202.ZIP   900KB (GPL version)

SOURCE CODE for BOOM v2.02 BOOM202s.ZIP 965KB (GPL version)


PRBoom executable archive PRBOOM202.ZIP   361KB

SOURCE CODE for PRBoom v2.02 PRBOOM202s.ZIP 1346KB


DETH for BOOM (optional) Updated!

EDIT utilities for BOOM (optional) EDITUTIL.ZIP   507KB

EDIT configuration for WadAuthor (optional) WACFG.ZIP 6KB

EDIT configuration files for DCK (optional) DCKBOOM.ZIP 9KB

DEMO wads (optional)

  • DAWNING.ZIP.......BOOM demo wad by Gary Gosson            190KB
  • RAGE.ZIP..........BOOM demo wad by Paul Fleschute         135KB
  • BOOMEDIT.ZIP......BOOM editor's tutorial wad by Jim Flynn 218KB

Thing conversion utility for #4001/4002->5001/5002 CVTTHING.ZIP 134KB


(note, source code for DETH is not included and is not currently available)


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