Secrets for Icarus: Alien Vanguard

list by Jim Kennedy, complete as of Dec 1, 1997

- Use the Automap (TAB key) to see which direction you are going.
This secrets list refers to compass directions (i.e. N, S, E, W, SW, etc.)
Looking at the Automap, these are the directions for any Doom 2 map:

- When I tell you to run, I mean hold down the SHIFT key while moving forward. Some secrets are "running puzzles" and require you to run to get it.

- We worked hard to "hide" secret or unimportant lines in Icarus, so follow these directions as close as possible since many secrets include secret, hidden lines and trip wires.

- There is no way to see a "Sector" number in the game, you must use a Doom 2 editor (e.g. DETH). A sector is an area (e.g. one or more rooms, a post, a door, a doorway, ...).

- "Texture" is the sort of wallpaper you see on all walls, floors and ceilings. Its the technical term for graphics used in the game.

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MAP01 Secret sector numbers: 410

#410 - In the blue keyed room, after kneeling (getting shells) and clearing out the room, walk along the narrow ledge against the animated spinewall, there is a secret door in the SE corner, to secret room #410 with armour.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint - In the starting room (with the crates), press the center crate against the wall, on your left (west) to reveal a hidden area.

MAP02 Secret sector numbers: 100, 412
  Shuttle Bay

#100 - From the starting room, go north (up on map) to wall, turn left and go through door into the room with 7 large pillars, then turn right and go north. The pillar in the center of the floor, just south of the stairway is a secret lift #100, press any side to lower it to reveal a Soul Sphere (a.k.a. supercharger).

#412 - While still in the room with secret #100, walk into the SW corner of that room (with pillars) and go down the stairs, through door, into room with red key, head west through that room into next room, then turn right (north), once you lower those columns blocking your way, there is a secret door on the east wall - the only blue/silver lighted wall panel. This door will open only once, the transporter inside will place you on the ledge #412 overlooking the start room. There is a stimpack and berserk pack on all skill levels and a gun 6 also on all skill levels, but only in multiplayer games.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint - From secret #100, go into the NE corner, through the door (east) and in that room will be a transporter in the NW corner that will open after you have completed a part of the level. Going through the transporter will place you on the very SE part of the map, go west young man, go west through the door as far as you can go, then head north across the bridge into a room with system status screens above a console on the north wall, press up against the very east (right most) console (hit space bar). This will open three windows with guards, shooting any of them will open a door on the west side of the room revealing a shortcut stairway, leading back to the secret #100 room.

MAP03 Secret sector numbers: 51

#51 - From your starting position (facing south), turn left (eastward) and walk east until you hit the east wall of the big room, then turn right (south). There are three long, wall like columns in the middle of the room, walk to the eastern most end of the middle one and hit your spacebar, the column is a secret lift #51 and will lower, revealing; shells, stimpacks and a backpack. There are rockets on all skills as well, but only in multiplayer games.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint - From secret #51, don't miss the doors (2) with the lion heads, one is on the east wall, southern end and the other is on the north wall, in the middle.

MAP04 Secret sector numbers: 71

#71 - From the start, go to the NE corner of the room and ride the triangular lift down, go north to the first door on your right (east), enter the room, then turn left (north), there will be an upside down cross on the north wall, press it to open the door to the secret room #71 with goodies. In multiplayer mode, there is a BFG in this secret room.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint - From the starting position, go to the middle of the north side of the room, ride the lift down, go north through the room, down the stairs and north into the center (more downward stairs). On your right (east), after the first technical column, there is a wall panel with no computers on it, press it, to reveal a Computer Map (allmap).

MAP05 Secret sector numbers: 166, 168

#168 - From the start, head north into the arena (triangles on floor), turn left (head west) through the yellow keyed door (you will need the yellow key, of course ), turn right and follow the outside (perimeter) wall around until you get to the NW corner, look for a wall of computers that aren't blinking, press to open & enter secret room #168 with goodies.

#166 - Continue from secret #168, following the outside wall, southward, in the SW corner look for a wall that isn't blinking again, press it to open, enter secret room #166 & get goodies (Soul Sphere (blue) on Ultra Violence/Nightmare and Stimpacks on other skill levels).

MAP06 Secret sector numbers: 66, 149
  P.E.T. Rescue

#66 - From the start room, go out the only door, through the hallway north into room, make your way around to the north door, go through it and down the stairs, turn right into water, head towards the SW corner - you will see blinking lights - shoot at the wall in the corner. A switch will appear, press it, then staying in water, walk around to the stairs to the far SW corner, go up stairs, follow walkway north. You will see a small closet #66 has appeared on the north side of the catwalk/walkway - a gunner & goodies await you. In multiplayer mode, a gun 6 is here. On Ultra Violence and Nightmare skills, there is Combat Shotgun (double barrel) here.

#149 - Continuing along the catwalk from secret #66, head east to yellow door, go through it, head south through room with red key, go through south door. On the south wall is a splattered body, press on wall to reveal room #149 with gunners & goodies.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - After getting secret #149, head west (left out of secret room), then north (up on map), faces on walls are doors.

Hint #2 - From the start position, go outdoor, then north into room and jump down into water around building. Turn east (facing water coming through bars) and shoot through them - either a Stimpack (Ultra V. or Nightmare skills) or a Soul Sphere (blue supercharger) (easier skill levels) will appear in front of you.

MAP07 Secret sector numbers: 86, 131

#131 - From your start position, go east into the hallway, then east through the 3rd door down (with EDF sign near it, 1st door being at north of hall), get yellow key in next (east) room, go through that room, east into hallway, south to yellow door, and in that room, hit the switch in the SW corner of room. Approach the blue key from east to west, grab the key, then run to the SE corner of room where a lift has dropped down - ride up, there is a Blur Artifact (invisibility sphere) at top #131.

#86 - From secret #131, go outside into the hallway, head north to the first door on your right (east), enter it heading east, open the large door, go into room, make your way to the SE corner of room, and press against the crates in the corner (facing east), this will lower a lift #86 behind you with a backpack on it.

--- Useful information about this level:

Note: A lot of little secrets are on this level, but only the above two are marked as such, so you can get 100% secrets by getting just those two. Also, this level, like many other Icarus levels, changes what you can access depending on the mode of play; single/coop or deathmatch. This level will be harder the more players there are in coop. mode.

MAP08 Secret sector numbers: 267, 269

#267 - On the east side of the map is a room with 4 teleporters in the center of the room (the 4 are revealed as you progress through the puzzle), once past this puzzle and in the NE room with larger transporters, get to the room just south of it (where Former Commando's (gunners) are behind glass). Hit the switch facing south, in the center of the room, it will open a door on the west, go in it, the back wall is a door (1 way), turn left (south), the end of the walkway is a secret door #267, press it to enter and get goodie (Blur Artifact/invisibility).

#269 - Continuing south, hit the switch to drop the secret lift #269, ride up to get Medkit.

MAP09 Secret sector numbers: 74
  Mount Mentzer

#74 - In the room with the red key, once you get it, look for a second lift to be revealed on the south wall, get the lift to come down, but don't get on, instead go back to the first lift, lower it, then walk through to hallway, turn right (west) and head straight (west), on the right in the dark room you will see a room to the right (north), open #74 to find a backpack on all skill levels.

MAP10 Secret sector numbers: 66, 147, 166, 170, 193

#170 - From the start position, go into the first door/room in the NE end of hallway, on the south side of the room you will see the wall has a gold colored texture, a part of the wall is different, press there to open secret room #170 with goodies (health, ammo).

#166 - Then from secret #170, go north into the next room, go north to the platform directly in front of the door and press it. Then run back through the door, turn right (west) and run into the NW corner of the room where a lift will rise up and allow you to get secret #166 with goodies.

#66 - From secret #166, go back to that room to the north with the platform you lowered, get on and run across other platforms headings west, then turn right (north) and run fast across those heading for the Soul Sphere (supercharger) (on the first three skill levels) and/or gun #6 (on the 3rd through 5th skill levels) in the secret closet #66 ahead. (Hold down your SHIFT key to run fast.)

#193 - While still in the secret #66 closet, facing north, press against the wall/door, it will reveal a secret room #193 (with a Mega Sphere on all skill levels)...which you will need, as you just triggered a room full of monsters to open! BTW, there are two Stimpacks in that room of monsters.

#147 - From the start position, go to the second door on the right, then through the room to the NW corner and press against the wall panel with blue lights - this reveals a secret hallway #147, connecting the three recreation rooms with the northern larger room.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - From secret #147, go out the NE door and turn left (west), on the south wall you will see a map of the level - this is handy in deathmatch mode, because it will light up which door is being opened!!

Hint #2 - Next to the red key are two chairs, entering either will transport you to different locations to the south of the large room your in.

Hint #3 - From secret #147, go through the south center (middle) door, you will see a switch on the wall, hit it, then quickly run around the wall, towards one of the tables - a small lift will rise up so you can get the goodies on it.

MAP11 Secret sector numbers: 66, 143, 250, 289, 291, 294, 311, 329, 377, 453
  Feeding Frenzy

#143 - From your starting position, go north into the building (only one entrance), through the double doors, hand a right and right again - there is a computer workstation with a red switch on the south wall, hit it, then run back outside and turn left into the newly opened secret door #143, the blue key is inside.

#66 - From the blue keyed door, turn left at the third aisle (cage should be on your left (west)), turn right into the first silver door, in the room, climb on top of the crates and go into the air duct, secret #66. Go through the air duct into the next room, walk quickly across the crates to get gun #6.

#377 - From the blue keyed door, heading east until you hit the end, hit the switch on the wall to your right to enter the room to the south. Once inside, go into the second room to the south, then press against the torch on your right (west) to open a secret door behind you (east), entering this is secret room #377.

#294 - From secret room #377, go north into short hallway for secret #294.

#289 - This secret is a part of the short hallway in secret #294, so just move around in that small area to be sure & get both secrets.

#311 - From secrets #377, 294, 289, heading north is a wall, which is really a secret lift, press it, and get on the secret lift #311.

#291 - From the secret lift #311, walk along the ledge, this is secret #291. From the north end of this ledge, you can jump down onto the yellow key below.

#453 - After getting the yellow key, go through the yellow door on the north wall of the building, then go east through the second yellow and into the transporter. From the fenced in ledge, hit the switch that's up against the wall, this will open a door referred to in secret #250. Then press against the panel on the west wall that has a yellow spot on it, this will pen secret room #453 with Former Commando's (gunners) and goodies. BTW, walk through the arch on the east, near the fence, this will pop up a switch there, which when hit, will open the ledge to the east with the exit.

#250 - After coming down the stairs from secret #453, into the hallway, enter the now opened door on the south wall, go through the hallway, and door, then into weeds...this will trigger a wall to open behind you with gunners, go back north into this room #250 to get the baddies & goodies.

#329 - After getting secret #250, continue heading south through the weeds, and west into room. The face on the green, marble west wall is a switch to turn the lights off. Go down the lava stream to pit (lava is very hot), turn right (north) and go up stairs out of pit, go into lava area secret #329 at top (won't hurt). Get the red key on north side of the red wall.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - Go to where you hit the red switch for secret #143, but instead go east, there is a hallway with bathrooms at each end, inside each, get on the side of the toilet and press the small switch (to flush it! ) which reveals one goodie per toilet. The south bathroom has one toilet, north has two.

Hint #2 - At the switch for secret #143, face north and walk around the blue/white divider, on the west end of it (north side) you will see two red switches, hit it to open a door on the north wall of the room to go outside.

Hint #3 - from the switch in hint #2, go east, turn north, then look at counter (facing east), you will see a computer console at the SE end, hit it and face north - a door will open on the north wall, revealing a goodie.

Hint #4 - After opening the blue keyed door, go straight (east) through blue door, to the second aisle on the left (north), across from the two switches on your right (south wall), turn left at this point and on the SE corner is a "UAC" silver panel, press it, inside is a (Soul Sphere (supercharger) on the first two easy skill levels) or (a Mega Sphere on the other skill levels).

Hint #5 - East through the blue keyed door, turn left at second aisle, go to end (north), go up step in the NE corner (area) and this will allow you to get the Combat Shotgun (double barrel) on the counter - watch out for the crusher!

Hint #6 - From secret #329, there is a switch on the south side of the red wall, hit it, then quickly drop down into the pit and get on the now lowered lift with a Bulk Cell, ride lift up to get the Soul Sphere (supercharger).

Tip #1 - Once on the exit ledge, DON'T FALL OFF!! Or save before you go up, because if you fall off or die in coop mode, you won't be able to get back up there.

FYI, in the outside area to the north, you will see several small ledges that open to the courtyard your in, these aren't used in single or coop. play, only in deathmatch mode where they are start positions.

MAP12 Secret sector numbers: 247

#247 - From the start room, after transporting and living to tell about it, there is a switch to the south of where you transported into the room, its behind a desk like structure, pressing it will raise a cube in the south, central part of the adjoining large room with crates. The cube has a Stimpack on it, this cube will allow you to jump across to the larger crates across to the chainsaw and backpack and into the SW corner of the room and through the doorway. Walk to the stairs, go straight against wall and press against wall to open it. After entering, a wall in center drops down, then walk into center secret room #247, the yellow key is here.

FYI, this level closes off & opens areas to make deathmatch more fun.

Hint #1 - After getting the yellow key, go to the room east of the transporter room, on the far east of this room is a switch on a rectangular column in the SE, after pressing it, you have to run fast to the west end of the room, turning right (north) and getting on the now lowered ledge (lift), once up, there is a secret room in the center of the circle, press against the east wall (facing west).

MAP13 Secret sector numbers: 119

#119 - In the SE area of the map, is a large, triangular room with a colourful green, white and blue floor pattern. The floor is divided into 5 triangular sections, you need to walk south over the center green section, this will lower a floor in the secret room #119 that you enter by walking directly south through the wall (with down arrow on it). The blue key is in this room as well.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint - Directly north of secret #119, you need to go through the NE door (down arrow is a door), head north into the next room, turning towards stairs, you will see a Combat Shotgun (double barrel) on a ledge off to the right (north) of the room, you get to it by walking along a small ledge along the stairs on the right, turn and it goes north to the gun. You can use these small ledges to jump down onto the small platform in the center of the room with the ammo on it.

MAP14 Secret sector numbers: 97, 158, 364, 368, 372
  Fortress of Evil

#368 - Enter the castle from the front (south, only entrance), turn right (east) straight up stairs to end, turn right (south wall) facing the wall, you will see it is discolored, press to open and transport to secret room #368 (SE corner of castle).

#97 - From the top of the stairs in secret #368, go straight north through the door, continue north through the kitchen, then turn right (east) and through the blue keyed door, turn right (south) and look for a green wall panel on the right (west) wall, open it to transport you to secret area #97 (NE corner of castle). Note: the switch on that hallway wall (before transporting) lowers the pillars in front of the exit transporter, outside in the SW corner of the map.

#364 - After entering the castle, go straight north (around the table) to the wall, turn left (west), go up stairs, and in the NW corner of the room of crates, is a secret wall, open it and transport to secret area #364 (SW corner of castle).

#158 - After entering the castle, go north to the door in center of wall, go in and down into the dungeons, from the north-south hallway (after stairs), go left (west) through the first gated door, through room & into the second gated door and room, keeping going straight (west) until you hit the wall and look for a wall panel with green on it, open it and transport to secret area #158 (NW corner of castle). There is a Computer Map (allmap) here.

#372 - After getting the red key, the walls will drop outside the castle entrance, revealing some very angry mommy spiders, seems you toasted their small fry and they want to send you someplace you don't want to go!! When you get a chance, go outside the castle, south of the drawbridge, and walk across the center of the building on the right (SW) of where one of the spiders came out will see half of the floor is greenish colored. Now go back into the castle, around the large table (north), turn right at wall, up stairs, straight (east), turn right (south), at end turn right again (west) and you will see a now opened area where you can jump out across to the large table #372 with goodies, including a Mega Sphere!

--- Useful information about this level:

Notes: If you get the Computer Map (allmap), you will see a small closet like room in the north-south hallway, outside the dungeons (the blue key is in one of these cells). That closet is used only in deathmatch mode as the exit to the level, since most of the level is closed off to play. You will also see other very small rooms near the entrance door and dungeons, these aren't areas you will get to, but are related to special effects only.

Hint #1 - If your really stumped and can't figure out how to get into the castle to start with, there is a switch on the back wall (north) under an arch that opens the front gates (south wall).

Hint #2 - From the top of the stairs in secret #368, go north through the door, to get goodies on the tables, press against the south end of the long table in the NW. (By looking at the map, you will see four of these long tables.)

Hint #3 - To get gun #6 in the crates room (see secret #364), get on top of crates from steps in the SW corner, jump across crates to the gun.

MAP15 Secret sector numbers: 52, 125, 268, 272
  Waste Disposal

#272 - From the start position, go through the door, then straight (west) and as you approach, the pillars will drop, ride the center one up, turn right (facing north) and at top, walk through the wall into secret #272 to get the Light Amp. Visors (goggles), then ride the pillars down to get out.

#268 - From secret #272, facing west (with pillars at your back), turn left (south) and follow the hallway down (east), look at the texture on the wall on your right (south) to be missalinged, there are two secret doors along this wall, just press (spacebar) against the wall to open them. The first door (heading west to east) is mentioned in hint #1, the second door is secret room #268, the transporter will take you to a pit in the SW with a Blur Artifact (invisibility) and two other transporters. The transporter on your right takes you back to the entrance to #268, while the other transporter takes you to another part of the map.

#125 - From the start position, go straight (west) through the door, pillars, then turn right (north), and follow the stairs down, then left (north), and take the second left, west, then open semi-hidden door (with light on bottom) on east wall (indented), opening door, walk to east wall, and press against wall to reveal a Soul Sphere (supercharger) on all skill levels.

#52 - This is a bug in the level, there is no way to get to this secret room on any play mode (i.e. single, coop, deathmatch). It was a deathmatch start point in the early development of the level, but was overlooked after deathmatch changes to the level. There is only a shotgun there, no goodies. As a result, you can't get 100% secrets on this level, only %75.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - From the start position, go through first door, at the water throw a penny in and make a wish...then press up against the waterfall...and enter, looks like your wish came true, there is armour here...hit switch to exit area.

Hint #2 - When looking for secret #268, the first hidden door, walking west to east, on the south wall contains a Rocket Launcher (gun #5).

Hint #3 - In the large arena to the south (where the Rocket Launcher (gun #5) is), go through the large door on the west side of the room, walk into the barrel on the south wall, you will be transported to the air ducts, SE of the arena. This is really a feature for deathmatch.

Hint #4 - The normal exit (to level #16) is just east of the arena and in the air ducts. To get to the secret exit (to level #31); from the starting position, go striaght (west) through the door, pillars, turn left (south), and follow the stairs downward to the water, enter transporter A (across from the waterfall). From here head south, turn at your first right, press the wall at end to reveal transporter B, enter it go to the room just north of and overlooking the church with transporter C.

Make your way back to transporter A, then into B, this time you will be transported into the church itself. You must have said your prayers, because there is a Computer Map (allmap) here on all skill levels! Entering transporter C from any side, except north, will return you to the location of transporter B. However, entering transporter C from the north (notice different in texture on its sides) will transport you too the secret exit.

Occasionally, going through transporter B the first time, will put you inside the church.

Hint #5 - After going through transporter A (in Hint #4), heading south, press against the left (east) wall where there is a yellow mark, this secret passageway leads to a button which lowers the nearby blood waterfall so you can pass through it (1 way)

MAP16 Secret sector numbers: 105, 170, 171, 248, 257, 275

#257 - South out of the start room into the arena, go west through the first door, then through east door, and walk through center, north wall to get a Soul Sphere (supercharger) on all skill levels.

#105 - From secret #257, go west through the door, up stairs (north), pressing against the east wall to reveal a Blur Artifact (invisibility) on the last three skill levels or the Invulnerability Artifact (god mode) on the first two easiest skill levels.

#170 - Go south through the door from secret #105, then west through next door, and run towards the blue key, after lift drops, turn south and run up stairs. Then turn around and run back down the stairs, into the SE corner of the room that opened with the monsters - after getting off the lift, your in secret #170.

#171 - From secret #170, run over and grab the Rocket Launcher (gun #5) on all skill levels. The trigger line is about halfway down the stairs and is repeatable, in case you don't get it on the first try.

#275 - From secret #171, get the blue key, then exit to east lift and ride up, go south into the library, grab the chainsaw (the lights will go out), now go to the NW corner, then south, while pushing against the left wall (east)...its pitch black, so you can only feel along for this now open hidden door...once inside secret room #275, get the Light Amp. Visors (goggles).

#248 - Head east from secret #275, through the door on the east wall, east through the yellow door, take left, at stairs north and run fast across both breaks in the walkway (lower hallway below), heading NE, then head north, still running, then at very north end, follow hallway curving to SW and look for a lift, now down, against the left (south) wall, get on it. At top of lift, this is secret room #248 which allows you to jump across to BFG on the pillar.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - Going south from the start position, through the door, into the arena, you get the backpack on the wall (Plasma Rifle/gun #6 in multiplayer modes on Ultra Violence & Nightmare skill levels), by riding up the lift in the pit.

Hint #2 - Head east from secret #275, through the door on the east wall, turn right (south) into room, transport to a large room, go through the transporter on the east side of the room, then back into the transporter you just came through, this will put you in the center of the last room with the yellow key.

Hint #3 - Go south of the starting room, into the arena, ride the lift (south wall) up, back yourself up against south wall. Looking at map, align yourself with the long crate in the pit below (north of you), then run fast (use shift key) straight onto that crate, stopping short of falling off it. In multiplayer modes, there is a BFG here on Ultra Violence & Nightmare skill levels. Dropping down onto the smaller crate below, is a Combat Armour (blue) on all skill levels. levels.

MAP17 Secret sector numbers: 100, 132, 162, 168, 203, 253, 282

#203 - At start room, after dropping the 4 walls to the left and hitting each switch, go through the dark window in the NE corner. In the south of that dark room is a Soul Sphere (#203).

#253 - From #203, go back into the start room and walk through the south wall (transporter). From where you transported too, there is a secret wall to your left (north), it opens by hitting the switch to lower the lift - but, the trick is to hit the switch without going down with the lift. Just stand at the edge of the lift near the wall with the switch and press your space bar to trigger the switch. Once the lift drops, turn around and run through now open secret wall into secret room #253.

#252 - From secret #253, go down the lift and past the fountain, through the hallway, check your automap (tab key) and go to room with large star (if you haven't been in that room, you won't see the star on your map yet, so finish the area before looking for star). Once in room with star, from the top step of the blood bath, run across to the mini blood bath in the SW corner. (Its tricky, try different angles & make sure your holding the shift key down.) Press against the west wall to get a (blue) Combat Armour, secret #252.

#132 - East of the room with the large star on the automap, in the south end of the mini-maze, press against the wood wall. (This is south of the red/yellow torch on the wood floor.) The berserk pack inside is secret #132.

#100 - After getting the blue key in Hint #1, go through the blue keyed door to the west. Walking into that room is secret #100, the BFG is here.

#168 - In the room with the red keyed door, after hitting the switch in the NE corner, a chainsaw appears in the window with the eye, brush up against it to get chainsaw. Shoot the eye to open secret #168 in the south end of room, there is a Computer Map and gun 5 there.

#162 - In room with secret #168, hit switch in SE corner, then "run" west (drop down shaft) into red pit and run southwest into secret #162 with gun 6.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - Not marked as a secret, this gets you the blue key. From secret #253, go east down lift past blood fountain, then stop at east most wall (use automap), there is an invisible trip wire just south of you, it runs from where the west wall sticks out across to the east wall.
   This is a running trick, so keep that trip wire in mind, from there you need to run (hold shift key down) into the south room (star on floor in automap, green marble floor), run up the steps into the now dropped down blood bath, heading south into the hidden transporter at the bottom. This is a hard running puzzle, the blood bath (lift) will want to rise up and you only have a short time to get in that small room.
   After transporting, the blue key is here and the blue door is to the west.

MAP18 Secret sector numbers: 80, 83, 152
  Cargo Bay

#152 - From your start position, press right (east) wall, this is secret room #152 with a lot of good stuff. :-)

#80 - From the start room, head north into hallway, turn right (east), go north and drop down into the cargo bay. Press against the south wall, heading west, secret room #80 is in center of this south wall.

#83 - Walk into transporter in secret room #80, it transports you to secret room #83. The north wall allows you to get out.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - There are two lifts (not marked) in the cargo bay (warehouse) as part of the crates:
   1.) The first lift is in the center of the large room of crates, look for a crate with a grey color, next to a bunch of brown ones and press against the side to operate.
   2.) From lift #1, head east, then south and press against the end of the smaller row of crates, this is a lift.

MAP19 Secret sector numbers: 170, 194
  Blessed are the Quick

#170 - After opening the yellow keyed door in the main arena, go west through door, turn south and go through transporter to hall with rows of torches in SW corner of map (use automap). Walking forward, drops floor into stairway leading to a small arena. In that area, a switch on the west wall will open a door in the center of circular room, it has red key in there and this is secret #170.

#194 - In the main arena (with all keyed doors), after you open the mini door (at bottom of steps) revealing a switch to open big blue doors, secret room #194 is behind that switch.
   To open room #194, hit blue switch, go east through blue keyed door (through church) and climb steps to get gun 5 -- a door on the east wall will open, go through that door and hit switch on wall. This will allow you to get to secret room #194 from where the blue switch was in arena. In the secret room is a switch, hit it to lower a pedestal in arena with energy cell.

--- Useful information about this level:

When first starting this map in non-deathmatch mode, steping off red platform, you will hear sounds - the map is being changed from deathmatch to a single/coop mode of play. Also, there are two exits on this map, one is for deathmatch play, the other for single/coop..

MAP20 Secret sector numbers: 181, 308

A - This map has a mirror of itself on the right and left of center (hit TAB for map). After starting the level, going north into the building, you go into the left transporter (the one right is raised, you can't use it yet) and this puts you on the right (mirror) map.

#308 - B - From step "A", go into the building, where you find the gun 5, press against the NE wooden lift and ride up to get backpack (#308).

#181 - C - From step "B", you have finish that part of map to find the transporter than puts you back in the first building (the one near the start position). The right transporter is now lowered, enter it to go to the left side of the mirror map and see another building. Go in the building, where you find the gun 5, face NW, press against the wood panel, it will lower the nearby corner wall, enter to get same goodies #181). Get gun 5 by riding the lift out of secret room and jump across to gun 5.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - This map is one of the demos.

Hint #2 - On the left mirror map, after completing step "C", from gun 5, go north into next room, ride lift up along SE wall, run into dark room near top for goodies (not marked as a secret).

MAP21 Secret sector numbers: 146
  Engine Core

#146 - this is a running puzzle, from starting room, go north in between the two big doors, go west through small door - upstairs, stop, turn around and face east, trip wire is at top of these stairs. You must run down stairs, open big doors, run along east wall in room to the north, a door will open, run in to get secret (#146) and mega sphere.

MAP22 Secret sector numbers: 45, 251
  Nightfall--The Graveyard

#45 - from start, go north into open area, there are 4 big doors, go north through the 2nd one (from left to right), then face south wall between 2nd and 3rd doors, press along that wall (light flashes on the wall section) to open secret room (#45) with goodies.

#251 - (In library) After going north through church, north through choir, go through NW doorway into library, press against wall on east side (with books) of room to reveal goodies (e.g. BFG).

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - Go north through cemetery into room with coffins, press against wall in front of backpack to lower, then walkthru into room to north to get more goodies.

Hint #2 - three of the four columns in the church have lifts, press against the sides for these;
   NW column - face SW against column and press space bar.
   NE column - face east against column and press space bar.
   SE column - face west against column and press space bar.
   Switch in SE column makes it so you can get gun 5 in red blood.

FYI, That's the members of TeamTNT who worked on Icarus, in the cemetery! Jump in two of the three open graves to transport.

MAP23 Secret sector numbers: 53, 109, 134
  Painful Discharge

#109 - from the start room, go west past gun 5, up steps, walls will open, battle monsters, then go through north door/hallway - walking through doorway is secret (#109).

#134 - from secret #109, head north up steps, go along ledge (overlooking arena) and hit switch on north end, return south down steps, and as far south as you can go, a new room has appeared - its a lift, get on it, this is secret (#134).

#53 - from secret (#109), instead go back to where gun 5 was, go north (up lift wall, after activated) and walk into arena area (the walkway your on is the secret (#53)).

MAP24 Secret sector numbers: 435
  Residence Quarters--The Haunting

#435 - On the south center of the map is the night-club, see the dance floor (flickering lights on checkerboard floor)? When in that room, there is a secret room (#435) in the SE corner, press the wall to open, revealing cases of rockets.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - Pictures on wall at start of map, tell how to kill monsters that walk through walls. Don't waste your rockets. The secret is too to shoot a rocket a wall near these monsters, the explosion will kill them. You can't shoot directly at them, because the rockets will go right through them. No other weapon will kill them, except for this method with gun 5.

MAP25 Secret sector numbers: 144, 295, 363
  Another Fine Mess

#144 - After going through blue keyed door, there is a trip wire on last few steps (SE corner of room) that lowers a lift/door in NW corner of the room, go through that opening when down, to get secret (#144) and berserk pack.

#295 - Just east of the yellow key, at end of blood red hallway is a mega sphere, to get to it by a transporter. From secret (#144), a door opens on the east side of the pit from where you are, after you hit switch at bottom of steps. Enter door on east of pit, go through the maze, once you get to open arena (stone) south of maze, there is a switch on a large red column in south of room, hit it, then go to opposite side of column (facing west) and press against red column - a door opens, enter transporter to get mega sphere in secret (#295).

#363 - From where you start the level, go to the NW corner of map, this is a large outside area with a building in center and large rock platforms. In the NE corner is a ledge with goodies, this is secret (#363). To get to that ledge, the Arch-vile has to hit you with flame and throw you up there, the goodies will help you recover! You will have to figure out where you stand to get the best angle at being thrown up there. Good luck.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - After you transport and see a bullseye to shoot, don't move off transporter pad until you shoot the bullseye and the doors open, otherwise you will be trapped.

MAP26 Secret sector numbers: 267
  Weapons Bay

#267 - After entering the large room (with the brown maze on the floor), go to the very NW corner, press against the west wall to open secret (#267) with BFG and goodies.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - To get BFG in the room with the crusher, just stand where the BFG is facing where the door was, wait and it will auto. open. (The button outside in the hallway starts the crusher.)

Hint #2 - Just east of the blue room with the supercharge sphere, there is a round room, press against the round center (in middle of room), it will lower revealing a super shotgun.

Hint #3 - From hint #2, go south to the room with the large columns - counting west to east, the 2nd column has a secret door, press against it (facing NW), there is a gun 6 inside.

MAP27 Secret sector numbers: 10, 136, 141, 159

#136 - At the yellow keyed door, this is a running puzzle, you have to run through the yellow keyed doorway west through the room and next door on west wall, then go in next room (with red key) and in little room on south wall, there is a backpack here, this is secret (#136).

#159 & #141 (next to each other) - After doing secret (#136), go back where you found the yellow key (near yellow door, in air duct west wall). You will see that there is a transporter here now, walking towards it will give you both secrets (#159, 141).

#10 - From secret (#136), go back into the big room, go into building in center, and find gun 6 (east side), secret (#10) is small platform below the window where gun 6 is. You need to walk/run along the window ledge, then run off at an angle onto the platform below to get secret (#10) and goodies.

MAP28 Secret sector numbers: 223, 330

#223 - Located in the large, ancient building in the north (top) of the map. After entering building from north side, walk down curving stairs, in center of building, look on a north wall for a picture of a bucket suspended by chains. Walk into the picture for secret (#223) and a mega sphere.

#330 - From secret (#223), go through the silver door in the SW corner, in that room, hit the switch and run out into hallway, a lift will be down (east wall), ride up to get gun 6. There is a step that allows you to jump over ledge wall, falling down on blue armour below (use map mode, if needed). This is secret (#330).

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - Deathmatch mode only - From secret (#223), knowing where the secret lift is in secret (#330), press east wall panel just south of the lift (light shines on wall), this is a secret door leading to a transporter.

Hint #2 - Deathmatch mode only - From the ledge (NE corner) in the east wall overlooking the ancient building to the west, walk off ledge, this will open a secret room on the SE wall of the outside of the building - run in it before it closes.

Hint #3 - From the starting position, go north into mines, take first right - heading east, you will find a small house near lava, there is an indented door in the stone wall on the north side, press against it to open the secret door/tunnel - there is a backpack in the tunnel area.

MAP29 Secret sector numbers: 134, 386

#134 - From the start position, your in the middle building of a large, dark courtyard, there is a building on the east side of that dark area, once you transport there, there is a north wall (notice metal wall texture is not aligned), press against wall to open, this secret room is (#134).

#386 - From secret (#134), continue eastward into room with blue key (SE part of map), after hitting switches in all corners, except NW. For the NW switch hit it, then walk up stairs on left side (of switch), don't walk all the way to back, otherwise a wall will come down and block you from secret. Press against SW wall (at top of steps) a secret door will open, walk into secret tunnel, this is secret (#386).

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - In the NE area of the map, where you fight the big boss, there are stairs and green & blue triangle transporters. In the NE corner on a brown ledge, there is a small brown wall (NE), press it, its a lift/transporter - it will transport you to the mega sphere on the stone ledge. (In multiplayer mode, there is a gun 6 here as well.)

MAP30 Secret sector numbers: 12
  Nuclear Core

#12 - From your start position, go down steps to left, ride down then turn right (south) and pickup boxes of rockets in room, this is secret (#12).

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - After doing #12, run around lift and get ammo, then return to this room (#12). There will be a switch on south wall, hit it, and shoot bullseye repeatedly to win/end level.

MAP31 Secret sector numbers: 66, 79
  Great Balls of Fire

#66 - After transporting out of start room, go up wide steps (west), half way up steps on right (north) there is a torch missing in one alcove - walk into it, press back wall to open. Walk into secret room (#66). There is a gun 6, supercharge sphere and other goodies.

#79 - After transporting out of start room, go through east door, jump off walkway, midway on north side, fall down onto red walled area (use map mode to help aim yourself). Follow stairs up to secret area (#79). There is a mega sphere here.

--- Useful information about this level:

Hint #1 - Fall into water (in large room with secret (#79)), lots of goodies in the water, plus red key. Don't fall into pits with giant moving columns (from on top of ledges) - no exit from pits.

Hint #2 - After finding the regular exit, transport back to the green marble room (blue floor with sky), go to the NW corner of room, press against SW corner, the wall opens, hit switch then go back to ledge where you jumped from to find secret (#79). Do that again, but now there is a small lava pit at the SW end, walk in it to transport to SECRET EXIT to go to SECRET LEVEL #32.

MAP32 Secret sector numbers: 108

#108 - From start position, get gun 5 then go to east wall, find small pool of water, shoot bullseye through window, walk in through it to secret room (#108) with berserk.