Secrets for The Plutonia Experiment (Final DOOM)

list by Daphne Halderman

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MAP01 Secret sector numbers: 111

#111 - This secret is in the oval in the NE corner of the map. Jump down in the SW quadrant of the map and push on the wall under the window. The entire area is made up of brown stone.

  Well of Souls

--- Useful information about this level:

There is a large chasm you must get across near the end of the level. There is an invisible bridge you must cross, which is triggered by shooting the computers through the window to your left. Use the wooden pillars as guides to where the bridge is.

MAP03 Secret sector numbers: 91

#91 - This secret is off a winding brown stone hallway, near where you find the red key. All other lights are torches recessed into the hallway, but this one is a sconce on the wall, and there are two metallic runners on either side. Press between the runners.

MAP04 Secret sector numbers: 66, 79, 84, 100

#66 - Secret is an orb on a wedge-shaped metal pedestal located W of the center area. To get to it, activate the switch directly under the arrow on the map (you will see it from where you pick up the yellow key). The switch will expose a warp in a gray brick room. This will be directly behind the wedge and to the right in the goop.

#79 - Secret is located off the path directly opposite the wedge with the orb (secret #66). You will see red floor lights and a metal demon wall texture. This drops when you go down the stairs to the red floor area (you will hear it drop). The long hallway is the secret.

#84 - Plasma gun on top of the farthest pillar in the NW section of the map is the secret. You have to do a diagonal run (run+strafe+forward+right) across all 3 pillars without hitting the warp below. Damn near impossible. The third pillar is the secret sector.

#100 - Secret sector is the window located at the entrance of the room with green slime floor (N on map). Take the warp from the gray brick area (see secret #66). This warp is located on the opposite side. This takes you to an area on the NE corner. You will see a silver metal lift directly in front of you. Run across the slime and hit the switch. It will take you to the secret window room.

MAP05 Secret sector numbers: 35
  Ghost Town

#35 - Gold orb on the post in the center courtyard is this secret. Take the warp in the SW corner of the yard, located in a diamond-shaped area marked by 2 red banners. You warp to the ledge with a plasma gun on it, then jump to the pillar.

MAP06 Secret sector numbers: 70, 75, 144, 160, 174, 198
  Baron's Lair

#70/75 - This is located in the room at the N of the map. The room is all wood, with lots of barrels. There are 2 silver computer textures on either side of the room. Shoot the computers.

#144 - Go to the gray brick area in the W of the map. After you trigger the switch across a brown muddy floor, two areas open up. There are doors that lead off each side. There is a switch N that allows both doors to be opened. The door on the S side leads to the blue orb (144).

#160 - Berserk pack on top of the waterfall in the open brown stone area in S of map. Press brown stones at the bottom of the waterfall. (note this waterfall "hurts")

#174/198 - Secrets are the areas on the NW and SE corners of the central courtyard. These are opened by switches located on the elevated area of the central courtyard, where the player 1 start point is. (The switches are not there when you start the level but appear later)

MAP07 Secret sector numbers: 39

#39 - After you drop into a hole (far N on map) there is a long bright green hallway. First section on either side opens up after you go down the hallway and cross a line going into the exit area.

MAP08 Secret sector numbers: 81

#81 - This secret is to your left as you enter the gray brick area with blue/black floor (Revenants here). Keep to your right as you enter until you see a recessed wall directly in front of you. Turn to your right and shoot at the other recessed wall. That one will open. (The one directly in front of you opens from the other side)

MAP09 Secret sector numbers: 27, 64

#27 - The secret is located in the brown wood pillar room on the far W of the map (you drop into it). Press the 3rd lion head to your right (no obvious difference between this and the other pillars).

#64 - Go to the brown stone room with 2 crushers. Go up the brown stairs. There will be flashing red in holes in the wall. Jump to either the right or left hole. The secret is the tunnel between them. (Note: There will be a blue key and switch in front of you, but only after you have hit switches on both sides of you)

MAP10 Secret sector numbers: 29, 149, 157

#29 - Near center of the map, in a green grassy area with brown stone walls (outside). Push the N side of the small staircase. Both sides open up. The S side is a secret (push on the brown metal wall).

#149 - Go to a light brown room with wiring on the walls (STARTAN2 original DOOM texture). There is a blue armor on top of a free-standing computer square. This drops down when you go up the stairs (another wall drops in front of you to let you outside).

#157 - Secret is near S center of the map. The are is gray stone with brown/blue flashing floor. Find the round part of the area with 3 overhead lights. East of that circular area, turn into the area on the left and push the wall on the left. Subtle texture alignment difference.

MAP11 Secret sector numbers: 106

#106 - Secret is the area right by a switch in the hallway directly to S of the coffins (player 1 start point). Push the wall and it opens to show the switch. Be sure to get right up to the switch before pressing it or you may not collect credit for standing in the secret sector. The switch "turns on" yellow lights in the floor all over the maze.

MAP12 Secret sector numbers: 32, 77

#32 - Take the warp, in the middle area on the map, that connects both high-wall red goop areas. All of this is brown wood.

#77 - Take the lift on the side of the W red goop area (inside the passage). Head N then W up the stairs. After you reach the top of the stairs, the warp will be immediately to your right.

MAP13 Secret sector numbers: 117
  The Crypt

#117 - Blue orb on a post in the SE corner. Go to the brown room with a blood pool. Drop down the semi-circular shaft and run over to the green/gray stone pillar to your right. A portion will have dropped down, exposing a switch (this triggers as you jump down the shaft, and you can hear it). Hit the switch and the orb will drop down to where you can get it. Be sure to run across the pillar or you might not get credit for the secret.

MAP14 Secret sector numbers: 36, 81, 110

#81 - Head North down an outside path (West-ish on the map) with slender silver pillars (blood red texture on either side below you). After you go into the entranceway with wood wall, you will see a texture splattered with blood. Push the wall and a secret room will open.

#36 - From #81, use the warp in that secret room. After you warp, you can see a wood hole in the blood floor outside (this is easier to see on the map--it will be West of you). Jump/drop into the hole to get a blue orb. The floor of the hole will rise up to let you out but only if you enter it from the East side--don't go out into the blood and circle around it or you'll be stuck.

#110 - Go to the outside path described for secret #81, but this time look to your left. You will see a tiered red blood waterfall. Jump down on the left side and press the first part of that waterfall. Look to your left to see a warp, which takes you to the secret room.

MAP15 Secret sector numbers: 3, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 45, 73, 79, 81, 84, 87, 91, 93, 96, 99, 114
  The Twilight

Geesh! 19 secrets?!!? Well, here we go... Note that the place referred to several times as the "Crossway" is the area in the center of the level, obvious on the map as a "+" shape. Metal, stairs on 3 sides, sky window North.

#73 - Take the warp located in the NW quadrant of the Crossway. After warping, immediately turn around and push on the metal wall with electrical panels. You will drop down to...

#99 - a long hallway filled with health bottles. Go out the end as if you were going to jump in the blood, and you will be warped back to the Crossway.

#79 - Repeat taking the warp in #73, but this time get off the warp and look to your right. Push on the electric panel metal wall... A BFG.

#45 - From #79, go out the overlook (not back to the warp) and jump across to the pillar with the 25% health on it. Jumping onto this pillar opens two other rooms (Archvile in UV skill) including one in the SE corner of the same pool area that #45 is in.

#87 - The above mentioned SE corner room (invulnerability). Grab that, warp out of the blood, and go deal with the Archvile and/or Baron down the hall behind you after you warp (West).

#81 - Jump down from the Crossway to the SW and run for the warp indented into the wall to the right of the post. Secret #81 is the triangular indentation--be sure to get credit for it before warping.

#84 - After warping from #81, you end up in #84 after you step off the warp.

#93 - While in #84, turn right from the warp and push on the metal with electrical panels. The room is secret #93.

#96 - Take the warp inside secret room #93, and you end up in an area with wood floor and high metal walls (and a Mancubus if you haven't dealt with him yet--once he knows you exist, you might telefrag him this way, but that's not predictable). Push the door at the North and go into room #96. Warp back to the Crossway.

#3 - Go South from the Crossway. You will see ornate metal fencing on both sides of you. About halfway to the end there is a solid metal section. To your left is electric panel metal--push on it, revealing a switch. Be sure to get into the doorway so you get credit for the secret before hitting the switch.

#12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 - These are all part of the steps to the mega orb in the room you opened up (far South) with the switch in #3. You get credit for a different secret for each of the steps, and one for the crescent-shaped area you first step on when you enter the room.

#114 - Go down the West pathway from the Crossway. Looking to your right below you, through the fence, you will see an opening. To reach it, go past the fence and jump back to the top of the red blood waterfall.

Secret Exit - Take the North passageway to what would be a warp to exit. There is a fence on both sides of you, but you will see a solid metal area part way down. Push on the electric panel metal on your left and a lift will take you to another warp. The exit at that warp is the exit to the secret level (MAP31).

  The Omen

--- Useful information about this level:

You should get all 3 keys before leaving if you intend to do the whole level. There is a warp that you can jump over that will allow you to exit early, near an area with bars that you reach from riding wood pillars.

MAP17 Secret sector numbers: 70, 118

#118 - This secret is in the far West area of the map, in a gray large-brick area. After you pick up the red key, a rounded area opens up behind you. There is a misalignment of bricks on the North Wall. Push that. There is a radiation suit and a warp within.

#70 - There is a raised area with goodies on it in the center of a raised metal tic-tac-toe area, surrounded by green slime. Go to the Northeast corner. You will see a short passageway that leads to the red door. Just before you enter the passageway, slide to the left and you will go through the wall into the secret area.

--- Useful information about this level:

To get to the raised goodies in the middle of the tic-tac-toe area, take the red door to an area where you will see a pool of blood on your right and a switch on your left. There are three square pillars directly in front of you. Push on the middle pillar (different brick texture). It will lower, revealing a warp that takes you to the goodies.

MAP18 Secret sector numbers: 61

#61 - This is in the building in the center of the map. After entering the building, take the wide winding stairway to your left. You will see an alcove in the side of the building outside, across the stone wall. Run out the window and into the alcove (a bit tricky) to get the megasphere.

MAP19 Secret sector numbers: 105

#105 - Go back (via warps) to the start point. Beyond and to the right of the original warp you took out of that room, a warp will have opened and will take you to a room containing nice parting gifts.

MAP20 Secret sector numbers: 104, 137
  The Death Domain

#137 - In a paneled hallway at the North end of the map, there is a doorway made up of red banner textures, with white lights on both sides. Press the lights to open up the banners and proceed up the lift to get the blue orb.

#104 - A U-shaped hall with brown slime at the Northwest corner of the map has a marble face halfway down it. Press on that face to open another U-shaped hallway on the far West of the map (you should be able to see this on the auto map). The door that opens is one that was opposite the stairs when you first came underground from outside.



MAP22 Secret sector numbers: 50, 84, 85, 130
  Impossible Mission

#85 - This secret is located in the large green slime area in the South Central part of the map. After entering either blue door, head across the green slime to the opposite wall. There is a wide opening with a rocket launcher behind the fence. Face the fence, turn right, and hug the wall. After you make the turn, push about halfway down the wall (the texture has no slime on the bottom there). You will go behind the fence. Just before you get to it, you will notice another part of the wall without slime at the bottom. Push this wall and you will see the warp that takes you to secret #84.

#84 - Just told you... Go read #85.

#50 - In that same slime area, go out the NE doorway (blue door). As you step up out of the slime, a doorway will open in the hall beyond the door. Go through the door and immediately turn left. Go in the room on your left, warp, go down the hallway and warp again. You will be in the secret room after the second warp (a high window with a chain gunner you probably will already have killed).

#130 - This one is in the green slime behind the red doors. Keep to your left as you enter. You will see a switch on top of a wooden structure with steps up to it. Be sure to push both sides of the switch (narrow walkway around the switch). Go into the red lava room to the right of the switch, and a wall will have dropped on the far right, revealing goodies.

MAP23 Secret sector numbers: 20, 45, 159, 205, 208

#20 - Leave the start point heading West. Immediately turn to the left into the red slime and go down the narrow passageway about half way. The passageway has gray brick walls with green slime, but the secret point has no slime on the wall.

#45 - Again, as in #20, leave the starting point and head West. As you stand in the doorway, the secret is directly ahead of you on the far wall. Same texture (no slime) as in #20. Push.

#205,#208 - Go to the area where you got the yellow key (far NNW of map). You will see a narrow wood plank path over the red slime. Head South through the entryway, go on through the garage-type brown door. There you will be forced to make a right and will see a yellow-key door. Immediately to your right you will see a no-slime texture. Push that and take the warp inside. Surprise--the "warp" lowers. The room is secret #205, the square with the megasphere is #208.

#159 - Go to the square the red key is on. Instead of taking the warp, turn to the South. You will spot an entrance between two sets of flaming skulls. To the left after going through the entranceway, you will see a small ledge with another flaming skull. After you are on the ledge, press the green switch. It will lower a lift to the blue orb. Take the warp out.

MAP24 Secret sector numbers: 10, 27, 91, 92, 100, 140, 145
  The Final Frontier

#10 - At the starting point you have a switch directly in front of you. Before you hit the switch, turn 180 degrees and walk through the wall (or just back up) and get the megasphere and ammo. You won't be able to get it after you hit the switch. (The Co-op starts are in that secret room)

#27 - After you hit the starting point switch you will be on a light brown gravel platform. There are gray pillars that step up to another platform. Jump for the wall between the platforms, either from one of the pillars or from either platform. You will fall into a semi-circular walled area with goodies. Note: If you fall in between the pillars and the wall, you will die in the slime (save before attempting this).

#100 - After you go across the rising bridge to the next area, you will be on another platform, similar to the starting platform. There is a ledge leading off to your left. When you reach the first corner, jump down into the red slime. You should fall almost onto a radiation suit. Look near you and you will see a green arrow pointing to a hole with a metal face switch. This will lower part of the ledge you were on. Turn around and take the steps out of the hole and the secret will be to your right.

#92,#91 - Once you are inside secret #100, push on the North wall (the only wall with holes--the others are just gray cracked stone). This will reveal a warp. Take it to secrets #91 (the center portion) and #92 (the warp room)

#140, #145 - Both of these secrets are opened automatically after you get the blue key. #140 is an area behind a large red walk-in window area. The secret is also red and difficult to notice at a distance. #145 is an area directly across from the only blue door in the level, in the same room.

MAP25 Secret sector numbers: 145
  The Temple of Darkness

#145 - The secret is located in the exit area (brown brick walls, with a hexagonal floor and exit warp in the center, Northeast on map). Part of the West wall drops exposing goodies. The switch to this wall is located as follows: Go West from the exit room. You will be facing a tall red wall, with lava far below you. Take a left and you will see two round wooden structures. The bottom of the left hand structure has blood on the front. Push this. Both structures drop, and the one on the right has a switch. Push that and you will hear the secret wall (remember the secret wall?) drop down.

MAP26 Secret sector numbers: 90, 156, 183, 195

#156 - This is located Northeast of the blue key post in the room with wood/metal walls and a water floor. There are several floor to ceiling wood posts with lion's head metal banding. One has blood on it--push it and warp to the megasphere.

#195 - Go West from the megasphere, down the steps, and turning left at the bottom of the steps, continue straight ahead up more steps. You will dead end at a large gray brick wall. There will be a step up to a brown room on your right, and on your left you will see another gray brick wall. This one has green slime on it. Push that, take the warp to the goodie room and warp back.

#183 - After warping back from #195, leave the room and turn East, through the open doorway with lights. Turn left and follow the passage until you are forced to turn left again. On your left at that point will be another green slime wall where only gray brick is expected. Push.

#90 - Go back to the blue water, wood post room (see #156). Go North and take the water floored, bright green walled passageway East. You will pass under two areas separated by hanging bars. Look up to your left. IN the first area you will see a ledge, and in the second you will see a ledge with blue armor on it. Pressing on the brown area (just before you get to the barred areas) under the empty ledge will drop both ledges.

--- Useful information about this level:

Note that it seems difficult to get all these secrets consistently. If you've been to all 4 places, consider yourself to have gotten 100% even if 75% registers.

MAP27 Secret sector numbers: 47, 59, 73

#47 - From the start point, swivel 90 degrees to face East. Walk off the ledge (don't just drop down) to a pillar below you (visible on the map). Make sure to get all the goodies, and then warp back to the start.

#73 - From the start point, go directly South through the hall, until you come to an oval brown stone room with a gray gravel floor. You will see a bright green window directly ahead of you. Turn right and you will see a backpack standing in an wall indentation with metal lift texture behind it. Push that and take the revealed warp. You will warp to an exposed large gray platform area with a megasphere. Nice though this may be, it's not the secret. Turn around and you will see a blue armor on top of a brown 2-level pillar. Take the lift to the level of the blue armor. Turn to your right to see a slightly different brown stone texture on the same level. Push. (The part the blue armor is on is the secret area)

#59 - After you drop down from #73, turn to your left (South) and you will see a blue orb. Not tricky to get it.

--- Useful information about this level:

From the yellow oval area where the yellow key is, look Southeast. You will see a cubbyhole with a radiation suit and red torch. Jump in there and press on the South wall (more cracked). The warp takes you to a square with an invulnerable. You can also jump to this, but it's hard to see to line it up.

MAP28 Secret sector numbers: 45, 63, 100, 142
  The Sewers

#45 - From the start point, you will be looking over a green brick railing into a large roundish room with an open semicircular staircase down to brown slime. Take the stairs down to the last step. The wood wall to your left will have scratches on it. Walk through that wall. Take the staircase inside up to a window with goodies.

#63 - From the start point, take the wood door with skulls on it South past the computer maps. Look to your right and shoot the computer window. It opens, releasing flying skulls, but the secret is opposite, with a blue orb in it.

#100 - In the diamond shaped green slime area in the Southeast of the map (has brown square "lily pads"), after you walk over to the switches across the lily pads, turn to your right and walk down the narrow edge of the green slime pool. After you dead end at the green wall, jog to your left a little without falling all the way down, and go through the wall.

#142 - In the area Southwest of the cross shaped are on the map, the secret is in the large oblong room with a blue floor, brown walls and banners (looks like a library). Push on the middle bookcases in the South of the room. (They are the only bookcases in the room)

--- Useful information about this level:

In the far West there is a room with three areas pointing South. In the first one (rightmost) there is a lift with armor on it, the second has a backpack, and the leftmost room has a switch in it that lowers the lift in the first room again (rather useless).

All the secret areas on this level are obvious on the auto map, and you get two of those at the beginning.

MAP29 Secret sector numbers: 154, 191
  Odyssey of Noises

#154 - On the South side of the starting point building, accessible from the grassy area, is a secret room. The doors to this room are opened by walking across a part of a set of steps and pillars across a room with blood on the floor and an open sky (where the red key is).

#191 - Stand on the two step platform that held the yellow key. Look North and you will see an opening into the next building. Use the step-ups to get a running start and jump at a bit of an angle, starting up against the wall. The platform is on an open second-story area of the building, and the opening is also on the second story. It's a megasphere. Tricky to line up, but then predictably easy to jump.

  The Gateway of Hell

--- Useful information about this level:

To solve the final puzzle: You will see the Big Giant Head on the wall in front of you. Directly in front of you will be two switches and a platform. Go to the right switch first, which makes the platform too high. The left switch lowers the platform for you to get on it and ride it up. The object, like in DOOM2 MAP30, is to shoot rockets into the Big Giant Brain Hole. You must raise the platform first or it will be too short to shoot from. Like in DOOM2 MAP30 (again) you will need to fire your rockets just as you clear the wall, before you get all the way to the top.

MAP31 Secret sector numbers: 58

#58 - Go to the green marble room (far South on the map). There is a room to your left as you enter, but it is opened by walking across a line on the East side of the hallway that wraps around the South end of the room. Once that room is open, push on the lion head to reveal a warp. The secret is the ledge you warp to.

Secret Exit - The only exit on this level goes to the next secret level (MAP32). There is no "normal" exit.

MAP32 Secret sector numbers: 12, 45
  Go 2 It

#12 - Grassy green area with 2 pools of water is the secret. Very obvious and hard to miss.

#45 - Room behind the yellow key door is marked a secret. Again, quite obvious. This room is where the rocket launcher is on DOOM2 MAP01, though the textures are different in this level.