What's changed?

Lots of stuff has changed.


GPL relicensed version of BOOM available 11 October 1999
No feature changes--just a licensing change

Version 2.02 for Win95/98/NT now available
(No feature changes from Boom 2.02 other than working in Windows)

Changes in Maintenance Release 2.02
(NOW AVAILABLE as of 22 October 1998)

Changes in Maintenance Release 2.01
(these are included in 2.02)

Playing the Game

Menus and Screens

Setting up

Loading and Saving

Multiplayer and Demos


Editing Levels

Internal Stuff and Limits


These pages will change too, as we get a chance to better explain some of the changes.
Some of it's a bit cryptic at the moment, and some of the last minute things might be missing.
Change begets change.