Team Eternal has joined with TeamTNT to form the largest group of dedicated DOOM addon creators. Here is the list of all of Team Eternal's members, the folks who made Eternal DOOM and Eternal DOOM II possible.

Not all of these members continue to be involved, so you'll find some folks here who are not in the TeamTNT roster.


Level Designers

Adam Landefeld Dave Brachman Matt Bollier
Alex Mayberry David & Kathy Bruni Paul Schmitz
Bob Evans Dia Westerteicher Sverre Andre Kvernmo
Christopher Couleur Jim Flynn  

Professional Jazz

Adam Landefeld Jim Flynn Sverre Andre Kvernmo
Alex Mayberry Paul Schmitz  
Dia Westerteicher Peter Zahner  

Play Testers & Bug Killers

Baard Zakariassen Erling Paulsen Stan Gula
Cerri James Stian Bergum Hammond Ingo Hoppe Tom Apel
Dave Brachman NFS-Freak Torgeir Von Knag
David Armstrong Peter Zahner And the rest of Team Eternal..
Don Webb Of Bakersfeld Robyn Michelle Lorber

Other Stuff

Adam Landefeld Scott Langstaff
Richard Nagel Sverre Andre Kvernmo


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